Birthday goodiesss

It was my birthday on the 26th of July. This is late, I know, but I forgot my password and then got super busy (lazy) with writing and spent sever hours a day on my computer and/or PlayStation 3 (playing The Escapists and Final Fantasy XIII, if you wanted to know).

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My uncles built me a new bed

Hi guysss. So for the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor because we threw out my old bed (it was childish and I didn’t like it much) and finally my uncles (and granny, but she didn’t make it with them) came over to build a cabin bed.

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Winning bronze in the British Jujitsu Nationals (+ not posting in a week)

I haven’t posted in like 1 and a half weeks! Sorry about that o-o On the 1st of April I went to Walsall (in the Midlands) to go to the British Jujitsu Championships and competed in 3 different categories: continuous fighting, kata, and random attacks. (Continuous fighting = basically sparring, a kata is a series of fancy movements and random attacks is where you get attacked randomly and show off your technique.)

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Watching my guitar teacher’s band play at a gig was amazing.

Hiiiiiii. I went to a gig at Mr Kyps in Poole to see my guitar teacher’s band, Empty Cage, yesterday and it was fun. I didn’t post on Thursday because the gig was on Friday, and I didn’t post on Friday because we got back home at midnight. So here it is, the 2.5 day late

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My internet is terrible. >:c (+Japanese fine dining)

Hiiiiiii. My internet is being horrible to me because idk and my dad has been on 3 phone calls to BT because it wont work and customer service are uNHELPFUL. (If a BT service dude or dudette is reading this, hi, your service is bad)

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