LUSH bath bomb disappointment

I haven’t posted in a good two months but the day before yesterday I went to LUSH with my mum and sister and got the most disappointing bath bomb ever (which I just got out of the bath after using it)

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What home education is like.

Last summer I was pulled out of secondary school because of bullies, horrible teachers and my friends being unpleasant by spreading stuff about me, leaving me out, etc. (though I’ve recently unfollowed them on Instagram and deleted their Snapchats so I won’t have to talk to them again.) Now, at 13 years old, I’m taking an English GCSE exam in January and a geography GCSE in May or June. Anyway, when I was thinking about what I could post, I thought of this. I wrote a short list at the end of pros and cons for anyone who can’t be bothered to read. 🙂

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How to fail at making slime :[ (+ how not to)

On Instagram recently, I’ve been watching a lot of slime videos. At first I thought they were extremely dumb but then I saw things like slime pressing and iceberg slime and eventually decided that I wanted to make my own slime. It went so, so, so wrong.

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Birthday goodiesss

It was my birthday on the 26th of July. This is late, I know, but I forgot my password and then got super busy (lazy) with writing and spent sever hours a day on my computer and/or PlayStation 3 (playing The Escapists and Final Fantasy XIII, if you wanted to know).

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My uncles built me a new bed

Hi guysss. So for the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor because we threw out my old bed (it was childish and I didn’t like it much) and finally my uncles (and granny, but she didn’t make it with them) came over to build a cabin bed.

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