Tokyo Ghoul (Manga review)

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese fictional manga about a male college student, Ken Kaneki, whose body turns to that of a ghoul’s after a date gone wrong, a terrible accident, and what he thought was a liver transplant with who he thought at first was a human. In the popular series, ghouls live among humans, the same as people in every way except their craving for human flesh.

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My internet is terrible. >:c (+Japanese fine dining)

Hiiiiiii. My internet is being horrible to me because idk and my dad has been on 3 phone calls to BT because it wont work and customer service are uNHELPFUL. (If a BT service dude or dudette is reading this, hi, your service is bad)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (+ Learning Japanese and binge watching YOI)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I don’t actually celebrate it because a) there’s nobody to celebrate with and b) love should be shown to your partner on more occasions than V-Day. But if you do or don’t celebrate it, either is cool.
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