Kureo Mado drawing (Tokyo Ghoul)

I’ve been doing way more art recently since I just got a new (and better) art pad. I’ve mostly been doing anime characters but I’m going to start doing other things, animals and people.

I did a drawing of Kureo Mado from Tokyo Ghoul, but it’s still on the old paper and kinda bad quality.

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Tokyo Ghoul (Manga review)

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese fictional manga about a male college student, Ken Kaneki, whose body turns to that of a ghoul’s after a date gone wrong, a terrible accident, and what he thought was a liver transplant with who he thought at first was a human. In the popular series, ghouls live among humans, the same as people in every way except their craving for human flesh.

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Birthday goodiesss

It was my birthday on the 26th of July. This is late, I know, but I forgot my password and then got super busy (lazy) with writing and spent sever hours a day on my computer and/or PlayStation 3 (playing The Escapists and Final Fantasy XIII, if you wanted to know).

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My uncles built me a new bed

Hi guysss. So for the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor because we threw out my old bed (it was childish and I didn’t like it much) and finally my uncles (and granny, but she didn’t make it with them) came over to build a cabin bed.

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4th of July

Hi guys, happy 4th of July if you celebrate it (I don’t but oh well).

It also happens to be the anniversary of my favourite band, Fearless Vampire Killers, breaking up and my granny’s birthday. Yayy.

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