My uncles built me a new bed

Hi guysss. So for the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor because we threw out my old bed (it was childish and I didn’t like it much) and finally my uncles (and granny, but she didn’t make it with them) came over to build a cabin bed.

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Juuzou Suzuya drawing (Tokyo Ghoul)

So, I’ve hardly done anything on the ‘art’ area of my blog. But today I got bored today so I drew a picture of my favourite Tokyo Ghoul character, Juuzou Suzuya, and thought it would be a good idea for a post. I’m not sure why he’s my favourite since he’s a ghoul investigator but I think he’s cool. Touka is my second favourite, my third being Ken Kaneki.

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Funny stuff that happened at download

• A guy used me as a balance to sit on his friend’s shoulders (I have no idea who they are?)


• A woman lifted her shirt and bra to reveal the SAGGIEST TITS EVER. Seriously, she had to hold them up with her hands.

• My older sister saw two fat, bald men having sex against the window of the third floor of our hotel on the way back. My nan thinks they enjoy everyone seeing

• My sister got so drunk that she clung to me

• We saw old men in unicorn onesies and people in penis costumes. ‘Nuff said

• I accidentally pushed my sister off a bench and bruised her

• Last year I broke my sister’s nose in a thumb war. We were watching Nightwish and I accidentally slipped and punched her

• We saw a shirtless man with boobs bigger than mine (not that I’m discriminating, it’s just that it’s not something you see every day)