Special effects makeup for beginners (home-made fake blood, scar wax, using liquid latex, gelatin burns and how to make bruises)

For a while, I’ve been interested in SFX makeup; I took a course on it and quickly heightened my skills. At first, it’s kind of scary. You see Instagram professionals doing it fantastically, but then you try and it’s terrible because it’s your first try and their hundredth. Here is a short post on where to start with your special effects!

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I’m convinced that I have magic karma powers.

As childish or as stupid as “I’ve got magical powers” sounds, I’m thinking it’s true to an extent. This is coming from a teenager whose beliefs of Santa and the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny have long been abandoned. It’s not as amazing as levitation: if I really, really want something to happen, it will. I’ve got evidence.

The first example I can remember of these strange instances was when I was 8 or 9 years old. My ex-socially adept self was in both an ICT animation club and a cricket club on different days after school; I’m not a terribly sporty person, but if I do say so myself, my cricket skills were exemplary. My animation was pretty cool too.

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