It was my birthday on the 26th of July. This is late, I know, but I forgot my password and then got super busy (lazy) with writing and spent sever hours a day on my computer and/or PlayStation 3 (playing The Escapists and Final Fantasy XIII, if you wanted to know).

First we ate croissants and I opened presents (yay). I got a sketch pad, pencils, a skull shaped money bank, a Motionless in White album (Graveyard Shift, their latest album), a MIW badge, a MIW picture thing, a manga pen, Tokyo Ghoul (volumes 10 to 13) with a Juuzou Suzuya scroll, and a few other things.

Also, I got an Instagram account, yayy. Usually it’s private but I made Devin Sola fanart and I’d like him to see it so it isn’t atm. It’s going private again soon. :]

Me and my family went to some goth shops afterwards. I got a velvet gothic satchel with a pentagram. In a different shop, I got a figure of a dragon. I also got other stuff (like harem pants and a blazer). So that was funnnnn.

We went to Primark and I got some fishnets. I didn’t know fishnet SOCKS existed, but they do. And I got tights. (Pink ones?? They make me look like a slapper so I am not going to wear them in public)

fishnetsfishnet socks

I really like them. The socks (with the odd green and purple ones) look good, I think. Do they even count as socks? I wore the ‘socks’ to a guitar lesson today. They look kinda uncomfortable but they aren’t.

(By the way, I was in a car when that picture was taken and we weren’t driving at the time, only parked. It kind of looks like we’re on the wrong side of the road and heading towards someone.)

I also bought Final Fantasy XIII to play and man, it’s good. It’s kind of repetitive yet somewhat addicting? I’m not addicted yet but I will be. I’ve been kind of obsessed with The Escapists (on Steam) too. I got it like 3 years ago and took a break. I decided to play again and I’m hooked.

I’ve been binge watching Pirates Of The Caribbean with my family and now At World’s End is calling to me. Byee!

Oh, also: I’ve left school now (because of bullies, teachers and generally annoying things) and I’m going to be home educated until I’m 16, when I will be going to sixth form. 😀


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