Hi guysss. So for the last 6 months I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on my bedroom floor because we threw out my old bed (it was childish and I didn’t like it much) and finally my uncles (and granny, but she didn’t make it with them) came over to build a cabin bed.

So, it’s slightly wider than my mattress so that I can have a mini desk sort of thing next to me (to put my phone on whilst I’m sleeping, etc.) and there’s a little space underneath it for me to hang out in.

The space underneath has the comfiest rug ever and a giant unicorn which doubles up as a really good pillow. There are also quite a few fairy lights underneath it and a cupboard. As well as a tiny radiator.

Next to my cupboard I have a stack of mangas and a couple anime DVDs. A lot of my mangas are in a box in my older sister’s cupboard because I haven’t properly unpacked yet.

And then on top of my cupboard are some Tetris lights and a box thing with nothing in it yet (good for leaning on when I’m doing art.) and an anime figure that I got from my aunt for Christmas. I’m not sure if it’s just a random design or from an actual anime but probably just a design since you can mix and match the clothes and heads.

I also have a colouring books and a box of copics. The box says beauty and the beast on the front because I got this makeup package to do with it.

Inside my cupboard I have some old Nintendo DSi games (as well as the DS itself) from when I was younger, for if I ever felt like going back in time for a while.


It’s nice; I really like it. On the other side of my room is a desk and stuff but it’s quite messy. I also have a Thor: The Dark World poster up on my door.

I used to have some mushroom lights in here (which my sister made, you can buy some at her Etsy shop here. Each are unique) but we put them elsewhere temporarily whilst my bed was being built.



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