It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Last weekend I went to the Download Fest in Derby and watched bands like Motionless in White, System of a Down, 5FDP, SWS and more.

On the Friday, we first watched Motionless in White. We also watched (in no specific order) Suicidal Tendencies, Good Charlotte, System myOf A Down, 5 Finger Death Punch, Sleeping With Sirens, and a tiny bit of Sabaton.


We went shopping; I got a leather corset (like the one Selene from Underworld has) and a Motionless in White shirt.

Later, I waited in the line to meet them. The people in front of us were the last to get in. But my sister thrusted a piece of paper at Chris Cerulli (the singer) and he said “I don’t have a pen!” So the security dude got a pen and I got an autograph :] I also wanted to meet Pierce The Veil but we left early. And ironically, the people in front of us were the last ones allowed in too.


A picture of Chris being cute ^

We had a hotel room, which was just so nice. We all had beds to ourselves this time (last year I had to share a bed). The shower was weird, though.. I didn’t really know how to use it.

On the second day, Saturday, we watched Alestorm (they played a hilarious new song, watch it here. It’s 90% swearing though)

We also watched Suicide Silence, Pierce The Veil, AFI, A Day To Remember and Rob Zombie. I got cold so we bought me a hoodie and a woolen poncho. In Rob Zombie, someone used me as a balance so he could sit on his friend’s shoulders.. o_o


On Sunday we watched Pertubator, Alter Bridge, Steel Panther, Airbourne, Aerosmith and In Flames. We went shopping again and I got some tie dye shorts, earrings and over knee socks. Probably other stuff that I’ve forgotten about. Oh yeah, and some patches with band logos.


Every single year it rains but this year it didn’t, surprisingly. We were worried that it would be horribly cold and rainy but it was warm and sunny. I got bad sunburn though.

If I’ve forgotten anything then I’ll add it later.



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