Hi guysss. I haven’t posted in like a month, sorry 😦 Here’s my review on Assassin’s Creed (the movie) and be aware there ARE SPOILERS.

First off, the animus is NOTHING LIKE THE GAME. And my mum and sister thought that Sofia (i think that’s her name) said “prepare the enemas” when she actually said “prepare the animus” and I literally died.

The animus is like a theme park type ride thing rather than a bed. It lifts you in the air and stuff and if I was there I’d be so sick. Here is a picture of the animus:Assassin's Creed | Crítica | Película

And the main characters are different from the games. I’ve only played a couple games but on the movie WHERE IS DESMOND? I’m not sure if something happened in the last games as I haven’t played them or if the movie is just meant to be based around assassins in general and not just Desmond or?…..

The whole plot was confusing af. The Knight Templars wanted all the assassins dead or something like that, but in the games that I’ve played, they aren’t a problem. They just give you extra points when you kill them.

Also, the main guy, Cal, was a murderer (probably because his dad killed his mother and I’m guessing he took it out on other people) and was about to be ‘executed’. He was put to sleep and woke up in a ‘safehaven’ for assassins. The girl, Sofia, wanted to help; however her father was on the side of the Templars.

Most of the action was in the real world, not with the assassins in the animus. I was hoping for some more animus action.

It was kind of all over the place, in my opinion. It’s upsetting because I was so excited but let down. It’s an alright movie but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again now that I’ve seen it once 😦 I’d rate it 2.5* out of 5* but some of my friends think it’s about a 4.


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