I haven’t posted in like 1 and a half weeks! Sorry about that o-o On the 1st of April I went to Walsall (in the Midlands) to go to the British Jujitsu Championships and competed in 3 different categories: continuous fighting, kata, and random attacks. (Continuous fighting = basically sparring, a kata is a series of fancy movements and random attacks is where you get attacked randomly and show off your technique.)

First I did kata and, unfortunately, I didn’t win anything; I think I should’ve practised more than I did but my kata wasn’t terrible (I do hope). There was nobody who I knew in my age/weight group so it was really awkward. I tried to start conversation with a kid but it was clear she had other friends.

Next, several hours later, I did random attacks. And that went terribly wrong. The person who attacked me dropped his weight so I couldn’t do anything, resulting in me losing on literally the first round. My friends from jujitsu are all 15/16 and weigh the same so they were in the same category – meaning that they could make each other look good. But this boy didn’t know me and decided to be useless even though it wasn’t going to help him.

Last but not least: continuous fighting. I had to spar with someone, hold her lapel and try to get her on the ground, and then hold them there for 5 seconds. I’m lucky that it was an all girls category of about my age/weight, instead of mixed. Otherwise there might have been an unfair advantage.

I do lots of fitness and martial arts, so as well as being strong, I have a lot of stamina. The girls I went with didn’t, giving me an advantage. Except one, but she choked me so she got points taken away.

The first girl I went with cried so I’d feel bad, and I did. But my sister, standing at the edge of the mat, said (and I quote) “eat her soul and shit it out, she doesn’t have the dignity to just be pooped!” and “ANNIHILATE HER!!!!!” So thanks Kim for that lovely motivation. Without that I wouldn’t have won.

The first girl was beaten easily, and I do think that my boobs crushed her since I was wearing a chest protector. Oh well. She looked really angry afterwards which was somewhat intimidating but I didn’t show how I felt. My sensei stood next to my sister and cheered me on also.

The second girl put up a fight, but I did win a couple rounds and so I won all of them put together. The third, and last, girl was just as easy as the first – I think she was scared (since I’m tall AF) and just fell without me trying. So I won a bronze medal.



jujitsu 1.jpg


After that we went to Warwick Castle. My only comment is that the gift shop was terrible ANd I WASNT ALLOWED IN THE PRINCESS TOWER BECAUSE I’M 12 WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IF I WANTED TO DRESS UP AS A PRINCESS TOO, HMM?


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