Hiiiiiii. I went to a gig at Mr Kyps in Poole to see my guitar teacher’s band, Empty Cage, yesterday and it was fun. I didn’t post on Thursday because the gig was on Friday, and I didn’t post on Friday because we got back home at midnight. So here it is, the 2.5 day late

I feel like if I hadn’t worn earplugs, I would be deaf. Very deaf. The music was louder than any concert I’ve been to before, and I almost fell over when I walked into the venue. My mum, sister and I gave in our tickets and put our ear buds in. We got drinks (beer for mum and my sister, a coke for me) and were greeted by Nick, my guitar teacher.

The first band we saw were called Taranis. They were pretty screamy, not compared to the following bands, but I like them. They were giving out demos for small donations, and my mum felt sorry for them so gave them £3 (everyone else gave like 20p). The demos have 3 songs on them, each quite good. One song is about 7 minutes long, so we got our money’s worth ;D

Next was Nick’s band, Empty Cage. It was really fun, but my mum shoved me to the front and it felt awkward AF. They were up for about half an hour – 45 minutes. They weren’t selling merch tho :c

Next were Joda Cema, Furyborn, Divine Chaos, and then Wreckless intent. Empty Cage were the only reason I came, though.

But yeah, it was really fun. I’m knackered at the moment though, because my dad decided to wake me up really early when I went to bed at like 1am.



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