My internet is terrible. >:c (+Japanese fine dining)

Hiiiiiii. My internet is being horrible to me because idk and my dad has been on 3 phone calls to BT because it wont work and customer service are uNHELPFUL. (If a BT service dude or dudette is reading this, hi, your service is bad)

Whilst my lovely friend who I won’t name is calling himself a bard, I’m obsessing over Japanese food.


I was upset the other day so I had some chicken and noodles (and chopsticks) and some sort of Japanese wine that I can’t remember the name of.

The food was aMazing, thanks mum, but the wine stuff tasted like dry water. I’m not sure how or why, but it did. It tasted like it was basically water with a tiny bit of vodka but I can’t even remember what vodka tastes like since I only remember my burning hatred for the stuff.

The bottle that it was in was cute, though.

ALSO, speaking of Japan.

My mum got me an anime (the movie, not series) called ghost in the shell. In my opinion it was boring, but that being said, I hardly payed any attention to it. I guess I should rewatch it without Snapchat.


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