Hiiii. If you don’t live under a rock (hi Patrick) then you’ll know that I like bands classified as emo. Although BVB are more glam-rock, but I’ll not get into that. Anyway, they’re releasing a new album soon. Here’s what I think.

So, Andy Biersack (the singer of BVB) released a solo album named The Shadow Side. I was told that it would be of the metal genre, like Black Veil Bride’s latest album, which was self titled, ‘Black Veil Brides.

However, it didn’t meet my expectations. It was a pop album. I don’t really like pop music, except for FOB and P!atd, but they don’t count because they used to be emo af. I like about 2 songs on The Shadow Side which were Ribcage and We Don’t Have To Dance. The rest weren’t bad, just not really my type. Y’know?

But BVB’s last album, self titled, isn’t pop. It’s soft-ish metal. My favourite song is Last Rites. So yeah. BTW, for some reason the version I linked has the first 3 seconds of Fallen Angels, I guess that’s just the channel intro.

I think that it might be a mixture of the two. Or, I hope. Because if BVB turns into a pop band I swear to god. The list is growing o-o


The local clothing shop is called Primark (idk if it’s in any other countries, but it’s in the UK) and now they’re selling BAND SHIRTS. (Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses and probably more) I wonder how many people bought those shirts thinking they were brands and/or just looked cool without even knowing the band.

“This shirt is so cute!!”
“I know, I love their music!”
“What? Led Zepplin does music? I thought it was a brand..”


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