Minecraft has recently been updated to 11.1 and I dislike it a lot. Here are some reasons why.

It’s more like a mod than a vanilla.

Back in the good ol’ days in 1.7, Minecraft was pretty normal. It didn’t have polar bears and random ass mobs that were basically hostile villagers that were a different colour named Evokers. It was easy to play, and your only threats in the normal world were zombies, skeletons, spiders and the occasional slime or enderman. Now, you have God-knows-what to add to the list. The new items are okay, I guess, but an explanation would be nice.

Here’s what an Evoker looks like:
Image result for evoker minecraft

The servers take ages to update.

As an ex-server owner, I know that it isn’t fun nor easy to update a server to any update, not just 11.1. But mine was a casual server with hardly anyone on so there wasn’t much need to update anyway. But c’mon, some servers with over 100 people haven’t even updated yet. It’s annoying when, to go from one server to an un-updated one, you have to restart Minecraft.

It’s way too different to the older updates.

In my opinion, big updates are stupid. It’s a lot to get used to, and takes ages to play with. After it was updated to 1.8, I had a play around, but now I actually cannot be bothered. Too much to deal with, I say, too much! Although I’d prefer it to be spaced out, other people may not.

My resource packs aren’t compatible.

While I do understand that since new things have been added, there won’t be a texture, it’s still annoying that I can’t use the pack. Surely if the resource pack isn’t too different to normal Minecraft, it would be okay? Now I have to re-download all my resource packs just for an update I don’t like.


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