It’s 17 weeks (121 days, as of 07 February 2017, to be precise) until the Download festival in Donington Park. I’m really excited, especially to see Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil and Motionless in White (which are completely different bands, but I like them all anyway). If you want to see the Download 2017 lineup, click here. I’m also excited because we have a hotel (The Raddison Blu). Tip for if you’re booking a hotel for Download: it’s cheaper if you buy them separately. Download charges somewhere around £1000 – £2000 per person, but separately it’s about like £500 (as my mum and sister said).
I’m praying it doesn’t rain like it did last year. It rained so hard, although there were no clouds minutes before, that I was soaked to the skin whilst wearing a hoodie! We had to buy new clothes afterwards; soaked clothes wouldn’t do. It was so hot like 5 minutes earlier, too. >.<

My mum told me to hide under a tent thing (you know, those giant tents to eat under, etc.) but I got shoved out by people. I did feel sorry for whoever was in the middle, they must’ve been crushed. It kind of looked a Japanese train that didn’t have enough space. The ones where the staff have to push people in and end up breaking their ribs. Yeah..

But then the rain cleared up slightly. It kept drizzling all throughout the weekend, which was depressing, but at least the rain wasn’t too hard. But drizzle is still pretty bad..

Also, we had a hotel last year too, which is the same one we’re having this year. I was grateful for that, but the taxis that the hotel supplied to take people to the festival were slow arriving and small, and only 5 people could fit. Someone stole our spot so we missed Beartooth. I’m lucky that I wasn’t as big of a fan then, because I didn’t know many songs, so I didn’t get in a worse mood because of missing them. Sure, I was upset because this family stole our spot (the hotel let them because they had a baby, not sure what difference that made) but I guessed I could see Beartooth another time. So the hotel taxi experience was a 0.5/5 experience. The hotel beds were comfortable though.

But yeahhhhh, I’m excited.


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