Becoming a prefect

At school, anyone who wanted to become vice captains/house captains had to write in a letter to the head of house/deputy head of house (a house is a group, there are 6 in our school) stating why you’d be fit for the job.

I wrote in a letter, but I’m too young for the job (I’m going to step up to vice captain next year) so I became a prefect!
My name (and several others) was called in assembly and I almost had a heart attack. I looked over at the other kid who I knew had applied, eyes wide open. We were both confused. Did we go up to the front to collect our badges? The new house/vice captains stepped up, so me and the other kid did too. So yay, now I’m a prefect. My badge looks like this (except prefect is written in gold):

Image result for prefect badge

My friend (not naming, he’ll get angry, so let’s call him Bob) is really angry because the other kid (let’s name her Gertrude) got the job of a prefect. Like, Bob, if you wanted to be a prefect so badly, why didn’t put the effort in to become one? O wellllll


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