Hiiiiii. I think most people have seen this movie, but eh, oh well. If you have, cool, if you haven’t, then buckle up for another review (cringe). I have a Facebook page named the Thor Appreciation Society if you want to like that ;D
If you live under a rock, then you probably won’t know what it’s about. To put it simply, Thor (aka the god of thunder) annoyed the Frost Giants and got banished by his father, the king of Asgard, to earth for a while. He then got hit by a scientist’s car, helped scientists with their research, stole some stolen research from some different scientists, and saved America. Pretty eventful, right? Yup.

Obviously my favourite part of the movie was the time he flashed his abs (come on, he’s got a perfect body). But the part when he’s beating people in the seemingly “bad” guys’ science facility up. It’s pretty badass.

But to be honest, I did think “maybe if he wasn’t so cocky when he was about to become king, and was quick, none of this would happen.” He was about to be crowned king and if he was quicker, he would’ve, but the frost giants came literally 30 seconds before he would’ve became king. Then he got banished to earth for seeking revenge, etc. If you want to watch the banishment scene, click here.

Overall, it’s a good movie. I prefer the first Thor over the second, just because the second’s a little strange O-o. But it’s not too bad. 4.5 smiley faces out of 5 🙂


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