Happy Valentine’s Day! (+ Learning Japanese and binge watching YOI)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I don’t actually celebrate it because a) there’s nobody to celebrate with and b) love should be shown to your partner on more occasions than V-Day. But if you do or don’t celebrate it, either is cool.
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Excited for Download 2017! (+ DL2016 Storytime)

It’s 17 weeks (121 days, as of 07 February 2017, to be precise) until the Download festival in Donington Park. I’m really excited, especially to see Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil and Motionless in White (which are completely different bands, but I like them all anyway). If you want to see the Download 2017 lineup, click here. I’m also excited because we have a hotel (The Raddison Blu). Tip for if you’re booking a hotel for Download: it’s cheaper if you buy them separately. Download charges somewhere around £1000 – £2000 per person, but separately it’s about like £500 (as my mum and sister said).
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