As well as being a popular YouTuber (known as being an ex member of My Digital Escape), Johnny Guilbert does music. His most viewed music video is Song Without A Name, which I quite like.

His voice is actually quite good, but I think his songs are a bit soppy for my taste. I’m more into electric guitars, power chords, screaming singing, and a heavy bass line. But Johnnie, even though he likes ’emo’ music, sings softly and uses an acoustic guitar.

I like the video; it’s a boy who can’t really achieve anything (asking a girl out, walking a dog, building lego, school work) except the guitar. He watches a movie and, from the wardrobe, pulls out an acoustic guitar and begins playing. I think some people can relate to feeling like they can’t do anything except their passion.

Out of 5, I’d rate 2 or 3. His voice is good, as are the lyrics, but the music just doesn’t catch me.


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