Before Christmas, a lovely friend of mine bought me a game called Crypt Of The NecroDancer (thanks again by the way) and I’ve played it for about 2 hours (I think, I cba to check).

It’s a game where, basically, you’re stuck in a dungeon. You have to fight monsters, beat bosses, collect items, etc. Except………. You have to do it to the beat of the music playing. I like the idea of this; I haven’t found any game quite like it.

You can customise the music to be a song of your choice. The thing I don’t like about customising it, is that it doesn’t let me add half my music. On the occasion, I’ll download a song from the internet. For some reason COTN lets me add those, but not the songs I’ve ripped onto my computer, which is annoying.

On the bottom middle of your screen there should be a beating heart. I like this because even if you get lost in the music, you still can tell the beat to go by.

The art style can be compared to that of Terraria, which is cool. I think it’s quite cute, actually, because pixelated art styles are more my thing. Not that I don’t like realistic games, because I do, I just enjoy the pixelated fashion.

Out of 5, I rate a 4.5. c:



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