My mum and sister are obsessed with Disturbed, and now so am I. Us three saw them at Download 2016; I liked them but coMPLeTELY FOrGOT to Google them or anything. Disgraceful, I know. Also, I’ve only recently listened to Immortalised (their latest album) so I’ll base this review on that. But if you want I’ll also do some older albums. :p

First off, Disturbed playing live are awesome, although I knew no songs in particular at the time.

Their songs are (mostly, except one I think) uplifting and, how do I put it, bouncy. You’re Mine is definitely my favourite song, mainly because of the chorus. Immortalized and The Vengeful One are also favourites. I think that they’re good songs for bad/negative moods. 🙂

The Sound Of Silence gives my mum goose pimples, according to her. Yum. “It’s peaceful,” I quote, “and proof that heavy metal artists aren’t just angry. [Or somewhere along those lines, I can’t remember what she actually said.]” She’s obsessed with the live version that features Myles Kennedy. I like it, but it’s not really my type.

Out of 5, I’d rate 4 – 4.5 stars. Would reccommend that any metalhead listens. 😀


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