The Escapists (Game Review)

I got the Escapists on Steam some-when in 2015 and have played it for about 50 hours (before you say I have no life, it’s not the longest I’ve been playing a game..) Here’s what I think:

It’s a genuinely fun game. I like the art style; it’s similar to Terraria and in a way it’s kind of cute.

It’s about being in a prison (you unlock more as you escape) and needing to escape. You can do jobs for people, steal their stuff, buy (often illegal) things from them, beat them up, etc. which is pretty fun if I do say so myself. It’s good but not addictive, if that makes sense.

I saw a Steam forum asking for the age rating, because their dad wouldn’t let them buy it (because he thought it was a 16 or an 18, I suppose). I would say it’s a 7+, but other websites and forums say it’s for 10 y/o and above. If I had a kid (which I don’t) I’d let them play The Escapists if they wanted to because there’s no cussing or gore involved.

Honestly it’s no worse (as in violence) than Minecraft.

And if you do decide to beat someone up, he’ll just fall unconscious for a minute and then wake back up. Nothing too over the top.

I’d rate this 4 stars out of 5. It’s a very good game, and although I don’t play it much, I would recommend to people who like strategy games, roleplaying games, or just like to play good and fun games. :]


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