Haircut + Redyeing (because of school)

So my school told me that having dyed hair is not okay because all of a sudden, self expression is PURE EVIL. This teacher (no names mentioned) literally smiled at me, and as I walked away she called my name and I was like “wut?” and then she told me off for my hair colour and said I’d get an isolation today if my hair was still green so I didn’t go to school.

Is my hair colour going to make anyone stupid? No, no it is not. Is it going to offend anyone? No, it is also not.

So I went to the hairdresser’s today to get my hair redone.. It was a blue/black, and it went green. So my hairdresser cut 2 strands out to do a colour test, blah blah blah. Literally 4 hours later my hair was dyed black, yayaaa.

it looks rEALLY COoL OKAY.

So yeah that was my day. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday even though I was meant to, I wasn’t having a v good day.


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