Recently I bought Assassin’s Creed I for my PlayStation3 and I’ve been obsessed, not gonna lie. So far, 98.5% of the game is spot on perfect apart from some glitches and errors, and another thing that I’ll come onto later.

I adore the story – a man (your character) gets captured and put in a memory-machine called Animus and goes back in time to about 1190AD. Then he has to complete quests, assassinate people, etc. and report it to places like the Assassin’s Bureau. The graphics are pretty good too so my mum doesn’t mind it too much herself.

I dislike how, when you’re in the big cities like Jerusalem or Damascus, the guards sometimes attack you without reason (especially when you’re on rooftops) and sometimes there’s about between 4 and 10 of them at a time. I don’t mind that too much though, because I enjoy the fighting aspect of the game. And, although I can’t remember which city it was, but when you have to battle a guy called Talal, all the guards attack you so you have to replay it like 176377 times (it took me 4, but one time it crashed) and it’s pretty annoying.

The one thing I hate the most, although it seems like something small, is the fact that there are no subtitles. I can’t understand most of the things anyone said, which isn’t particularly good considering that 90% of speech in the game is somewhat important.

However, in conclusion, I do really enjoy the game and I play it pretty often (literally all morning today), and as I said the only things I don’t like are the facts that there are a lot of guards randomly attacking you (even though I don’t mind it too much) and the no-subtitle thing.

4.5 stars out of 5. 🙂


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