I haven’t done a review on a band in frickin’ ages and thought “why not do tøp? They’re pretty popular at the moment.” So here it comes, a twenty one pilots review.

Right, I have to ask why tøp counts as an alternative band when they’re clearly not. In my opinion, they’re more rap/hip hop than anything. And I honestly don’t understand why all the fangirls get so upset if someone names them “21p” or “21 pilots” or even just doesn’t put the / in the o like ø. Rant over. 

As for the music: I don’t really like it. The first song I listened to was Stressed Out and I have to say, it was quite catchy (only the chorus though). I thought, “maybe I can get into this.” But of course, I forgot, because I’m me and never do anything I actually say I’m going to do.

So when Heathens came out, I remembered because literally everyone was fussing over Suicide Squad because of this ONe GOdDAMN SONG. I’d watch it and not even notice that a twenty one pilots song is in the background. Not because I’m not a fan, even though I’m not, but because I literally don’t pay any attention to the music.

But, in my opinion, twenty one pilots are just another band and I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them at a concert or anything. Like, I’d probably go and watch them at a festival but I wouldn’t go to that festival just to see them.

Out of five, I’d rate between a 2.5 to a 3. I just don’t love twenty one pilots, but I’m not saying they’re horrible.


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