I’m postponing this week’s post.

I didn’t know what to review this week, but just now my (amazing) friend bought me both ARK: Survival Evolved and ARK: Survival Of The Fittest. Survival Evolved is installing at the moment (it’ll probably take 2000 years) so I’m going to post somewhen else in the week to review that. 🙂


Disturbed (Band Review)

My mum and sister are obsessed with Disturbed, and now so am I. Us three saw them at Download 2016; I liked them but coMPLeTELY FOrGOT to Google them or anything. Disgraceful, I know. Also, I’ve only recently listened to Immortalised (their latest album) so I’ll base this review on that. But if you want I’ll also do some older albums. :p Continue reading “Disturbed (Band Review)”

Don’t Starve Together (Game Review)

About a month and a half ago my friend bought me Don’t Starve Together so he could play it with me. Note that I have Don’t Starve Together and I have no idea if Don’t Starve is the same, although it’s probably similar apart from the multiplayer aspect. Here’s what I think of DST:

Continue reading “Don’t Starve Together (Game Review)”

Haircut + Redyeing (because of school)

So my school told me that having dyed hair is not okay because all of a sudden, self expression is PURE EVIL. This teacher (no names mentioned) literally smiled at me, and as I walked away she called my name and I was like “wut?” and then she told me off for my hair colour and said I’d get an isolation today if my hair was still green so I didn’t go to school.

Is my hair colour going to make anyone stupid? No, no it is not. Is it going to offend anyone? No, it is also not. Continue reading “Haircut + Redyeing (because of school)”