This is my first review on a game but I thought, seeing as I’m a gamer, it would be a fun thing to do. Note: I’m going to be talking about the first Binding of Isaac, not Rebirth or Afterbirth. I have the DLC for TBOI too (named The Wrath of The Lamb). I’ll include my opinions on the storyline and stuff as well as the actual gameplay.

Here’s the intro story bit:

Isaac and his mother lived alone in a small house on a hill. Isaac kept to himself, drawing pictures and playing with his toys as his mum watched Christian broadcasts on the television. Life was simple and they were both happy. That was, until the day Isaac’s mum heard a voice from above. “Your son has become corrupted by sin, he needs to be saved.

“I will do my best to save him, my Lord,” Isaac’s mother replied, rushing into Isaac’s room, removing all that was evil from his life. Again, the voice called to her.

“Isaac’s soul is still corrupt. He needs to be cut off from all that is evil in this world and confess his sins.”

“I will follow your instructions, Lord. I have faith in thee,” Isaac’s mother replied as she locked Isaac in his room, away from the evils of the world.

One last time, Isaac’s mum heard the voice of God calling to her. “You’ve done as I’ve asked but I still question your devotion to me. To prove your faith, I will ask one more thing of you.”

“Yes Lord, anything,” Isaac’s mother begged.

“To prove your love and devotion, I require a sacrifice. Your son Isaac will be the sacrifice. Go into his room and end his life as an offering to m to prove you love me above all else.”

“Yes Lord,” she replied, grabbing a butcher’s knife from the kitchen. Isaac, watching through a crack in his door, trembled with fear. Scrambling around his room to find a hiding place, he noticed a trapdoor to the basement hidden under his rug. Without hesitation, he flung open the hatch just as his mother burst through the door. He threw himself down into the unknown depths below.

It has quite a huge part in the game, although it doesn’t seem it. The main bit being the fact that Isaac has to hide in the basement and defeat monsters because his mum was about to stab him.

In the game, you’ll sometimes be able to visit Satan because of your “corruption.” After visiting him twice, you’ll unlock a character called Eve (who’s my favourite :p). You’ll unlock more characters as you go on, like most games, but you start with Isaac.

I like the story a lot, and the game’s good too. The only thing I dislike is that you can kill some of the bosses within 3 – 5 minutes, but I guess that’s okay.

I’d rate this 4.5 stars out of 5 🙂


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