I completely forgot to post on Tuesday, I’m really sorry. xD

I have been pretty ill over the past week and a half, but I’m almost better now so that’s good. Also I’m redoing this post because I didn’t like the original sooo yeah.

For Christmas, I got some amazing new shoes (Creepers), some Jeffree Star lipstick (Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Androgyny and Lip Ammo in the shade Unicorn Blood), some books on programming, and other stuff.

I haven’t read the books yet but I’m excited to because I love, love, love, love programming and stuff. Yippeeeeee.

I also got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (the newest one, I can’t remember what it’s called) and I read that in literally like two hours. And I got Eldest (the second book of the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini) even though I haven’t finished Eragon (the first book).

I hope your Christmas (or whatever doesn’t offend you) was pretty good, and have a happy new year!!



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