New Years Day.

I’m going to be redoing my blog for new years, just because I don’t really like the way I’ve laid it out all over the place. If you notice that everything looks a bit weird at first, that’s why.

My new year’s resolution is to be fat and to suddenly become ugly because we all know that resolutions never work. cx


The Binding of Isaac (Game Review)

This is my first review on a game but I thought, seeing as I’m a gamer, it would be a fun thing to do. Note: I’m going to be talking about the first Binding of Isaac, not Rebirth or Afterbirth. I have the DLC for TBOI too (named The Wrath of The Lamb). I’ll include my opinions on the storyline and stuff as well as the actual gameplay.

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I’m sorry that I forgot to post. (+ Merry Christmas.)

I completely forgot to post on Tuesday, I’m really sorry. xD

I have been pretty ill over the past week and a half, but I’m almost better now so that’s good. Also I’m redoing this post because I didn’t like the original sooo yeah.

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