Heyyaaa. I just got back from Southampton, where I went to a concert. The main band playing was SOiL, and I had VIP tickets so I got to meet them. It’s not surprising how kind they were, actually. I asked the guitarist (Adam Zadel) some questions. (To skip to the review, go to the bottom)
IMG_20161107_165739632 (1).jpgA picture of the soundcheck.

A picture of SOiL playing.

IMG_20161107_171031151.jpgThe order goes in: Adam Zadel (Guitarist), Ryan McCombs (Singer), Me (Singer/Guitarist but I’m not in their band obviously), Mitch Gabel (Drums) and Tim King (Bass Guitar).

I only asked two questions, but yeah.

Me: How do you not get your hair stuck in your guitar when you’re headbanging?
Adam: Oh, I get it stuck all the time – in the strap, the strings, everywhere.
Me: Oh.. I used to have long hair, and it got stuck everywhere too.

Me: When/where did you guys meet?
Adam: (Somewhere along the lines of this, I can’t remember exactly since it was about 24 hours ago) I met Tim back in highschool (etc etc) and then we heard Ryan singing, so we sent a letter asking him to join. Sure enough he did, and now we’re a band. It’s hard to find someone who cares as much about music as I do, but the morons here do.
Me (smiling like a freak): I can’t find someone whose life is about music like mine is, so I understand that.
Adam: You’ll find some morons to join, I wouldn’t worry yet.
Then followed a small convo about music.

SOiL Review

I’ve listened to SOiL more than any other band recently, so I thought that I wanted to do a review on some albums of theirs, as well as them as a whole (I just laughed at that pun because their most recent album is called Whole). I’m mainly going to be reviewing their newest studio album, Whole (2013) as I said, as well as Scars (2001). There’s a big time difference (12 years, to be exact), but I listen to those albums more than their others.

Firstly, I’ll talk about Scars. My favourite song from that has to be Halo, which is the song where Ryan McCombs (the singer) jumps into the crowd. There’s not much to be said about this apart from it’s an excellent song, and an excellent album considering it was only a few years after the band had got together.

Whole is the only album that I own, but on the way to places my mum often puts Scars on. My favourite songs from Whole are Ugly and Shine On because they’re ‘inspiring’, as my mum puts it. I also really like The Hate Song and I got really excited when they played it at the concert. I love most SOiL songs and I don’t dislike any in particular, but the ones I listen to least are My Time and Little Liar.

I really dislike bands that, when you meet them, they aren’t kind. But the whole of SOiL were so kind, letting us have photos and conversations. I liked that there were only six of us meeting them, rather than about 75ish (when I saw FOB, I didn’t have time to talk to them because the line behind me was so long) so we got to actually talk rather than sprint in, take a pic, and sprint out. It was special and possibly one of my favourite gigs so far along with a couple others. Out of five, I’d rate 4 and a half.


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