School trips + semi-rant.

Tomorrow there’s a school trip that I’m going on tomorrow, which is to a beach to look at coastal erosion and stuff. I think it’ll be quite boring but eh, it might be fun. There’s also a French exchange trip for like a week but I don’t want to go so I won’t.

We’ll do a lot of fun stuff in France but I don’t trust living with a family who I’ve for a week. What if someone in the family is secretly either a serial killer or Justin Bieber? I’d actually freak out and then try not to either get stabbed or pour bleach into my eyes and ears.

I’ve also never been outside of England, and I don’t intend to be without my parents. I don’t like my French teacher, so she’d probably put me with someone who thinks Fall Out Boy (etc) is terrible.

I also can’t ask “can I have the wifi password?” in French. R.i.p. me.


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