Guitar lesson + Rock climbing + Shopping

Hi. I know I keep taking ages to post, sorry. On Friday, I went to a guitar lesson, then bouldering (basically rock climbing with no harness and safety mats instead), and shopping. And oh my god this is a long post.
So guitar was fun. We were learning Creep by Radiohead, and looking at some Alter Bridge songs too. And we did a lot of chatting.

After that, we went bouldering. We went there on my birthday and several other times in the holidays, so we’d pretty much got the hang of it. I got upset because there were several irritating children stealing the easy climbs, but eventually I climbed up it with my sister’s help. I only wanted to climb it for the slide, to be honest. They’ve changed the thingy and removed a really easy bit that me  and my sister liked. Oh well.

After about 45 minutes, we walked out and went to Claire’s. I saw a choker I *adored* (I have a thing for chokers) and I had my eye on it for a week or so. So, before we bought it, I asked to try it. It didn’t fit. Well, it did, if you count literally choking me as fitting. I cried.

Then guess what? The two people who I hate the most at school saw me crying. I don’t care if they see this and realise I hate them because I’m not entirely sure how it isn’t so obvious. One of them was wearing a twenty one pilots shirt even though she only likes Guns for Hands………………

But then we went home, yay.


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