This is going to be a really long post, I can tell. So yesterday I went to London and it was fun, I guess. We spent most of our money though, and the train rides to and from London were awkward and boring (2 hours and 10 minutes – it killed me).

When we got there, I was hangry (hungry + angry) so we got food. I ate crisps, yay. Then we walked 384564637847637384766738456456728283746738934873898763728938787 miles to Forbidden Planet, a nerd shop. I bought a Lady Rainicorn scarf, an Attack On Titan mug, Attack On Titan stickers, a Pac-Man energy drink and a Death Note keyring for my school bag. My dad and sister bought some stuff, and then we left to go to the Japan Centre.

We were hungry so we went to Jamie Oliver’s Diner. It was so expensive, even though the food was over-processed and burnt. I’m never going there again, that’s for sure. If you ever see a Jamie Oliver’s Diner, it probably tastes bad and is mega expensive.

Next we went to the Japan Centre, where I got a ton of sweets. I was hoping to get the DIY Sushi Candy, but they didnt sell it. There was a book on how to read kanji, but we bought it online for about £20 cheaper. The Japan Centre also sold those pancakey things, and mine had chocolate.

On the way home, we went by train (as we did getting there). There were so many people that they had to stand up. There were two seat rows, so my dad and mum sat on one, and next to them was me and my sister. There was an Asian dude standing next to me and mum, in the isle bit, and his arse was so close to her lmao. And this lady kept sneezing (ew) and was eating a really disgusting-smelling sandwich.

So that was great. 😉 And I just opened the Pac-Man drink and the liquid is blue. It has high-fructose corn syrup too,  which is fattening. Oops. ;)) The actual drink itself tastes a bit like fizzy sherbert, yum.


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