Hey. On Sunday 14th, I went to the New Forest Fairy Festival. It’s basically a festival with mainly hippies, random children dressed as fairies, and adults trying to hard to look cool or sexy by wearing under-boob corsets while they have saggy boobs, so it doesn’t exactly look sexy or cool. I thought I looked cool – a black shirt with a skull skirt and Doc Martens – but the photos of me look horrid, so I won’t show them.

There was  a stage with bands of hippies playing covers of songs, a playing area for kids, and a lot of shops. The shops ranged from art shops (we got to meet Paul Kidby, the cover artist for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, because mum really likes him and is an aspiring artist who is really good at art), goth shops (yay, I got an amazing choker from one), fairy shops, toy shops, and other things.

It was a big festival, we only thought it would be small. It was quite fun, though.

Earlier I mentioned my mum wanting to become an artist, and she’s very talented. She has an etsy shop if you would like to check it out ImaJanearyWorlds – the my mum’s shop. She’s writing a kids’ book, along with making toys and more merchandise to go with that. Soon, I’m also going to help her with her blog, because I know how to work it now and what to do, etc.


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