Hi. Last night in England (where I live), there was a meteor shower. I’m not sure if there is in America, because I can’t be bothered to look into it, but there probably is.

I had to get up at midnight to go to the bathroom, as you do, when I saw a flash outside. Earlier my mum had told me that there was a meteor shower, and you’d probably see them just before sunrise.

I guessed it was a shooting star of some sort, so I watched for a few minutes, and saw several more. Deciding I would probably wet myself if I waited any longer, I went to the bathroom. And after I woke up my parents, “There are shooting stars outside!”

This was exciting for me since I’d never seen them before. My bedroom window has the best view you could wish for, too. I stayed up until about 10 minutes to 1am, watching them. I could sit in the middle of my bed, cuddled up in my bed sheets and pyjamas, watching the stars. I saw one to the right of my window, which looked several cm long (quite long seeing as we were like fifty billion miles away) and it lasted for a good three seconds. It looked wonderful – I’ve never seen something quite like it. I set my phone’s alarm for 3:50, and at about 1am I went back to bed.

When my alarm rang, I’m surprised it woke me. I’m the kind of person who could sleep through a World War II bombing, thinking that the loud noises and shakes were just my sister or someone being an idiot outside. I got up and brought my mum to my room – I’d feel bad if I didn’t show her the stars, I knew she’d enjoy watching them.

We quietly spoke about shooting stars, and how cool they are, etc. There weren’t as many as there were at midnight, but we saw a good few. After seeing 10 – 20 of them, mum went back to bed, and so did I.

There are meant to be some more tonight, but not as many as yesterday. Apparently, according to mum, the reason why there are many more in August than usual is because Jupiter is closer to earth at the moment, meaning that its gravitational pull (or whatever) was pulling in the shooting stars.

But overall, it was quite amazing. Googling shooting stars gets you nowhere though. They don’t look like spaceships or anything like the people of YouTube/Google claim. I think it was on the 10th of July in Melbourne, Australia, there was a meteor that lasted for ages. The ones we saw were simple specks of light that lasted for a split second, but it was still something to ooh and aah about.

I find the February 15th meteor that landed in Russia interesting. If that happened here, I would probably collect some to keep, like “I have space rock!!!”


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