This really cool emo kid from school told me in January 2016 about a band called Motionless In White. Of course I’d google them, seeing as someone who I thought was the coolest kid at school told me to, and also they’re a metal band.

I thought, at first, that they’re a little too screamy for my taste. But that would be because the first song I listened to was Break The Cycle, which does have some scream. I thought that about BMTH too though, when I first found out who they are.

Still not liking them, I decided to buy an album. It seems stupid, but I thought I might enjoy it. The album was Reincarnate and I don’t regret buying it, as it’s one of my favourite music albums now. I bought Infamous, which is totally different to Reincarnate. Infamous is two years older and I have to say, I do prefer Reincarnate.

Some of my friends think that their “scary” look makes them mean and incredibly rude people, but they aren’t. I haven’t ever met them so I cant say I’ve had the experience of finding out for myself as to how pleasant they’d be, but judging by Bryanstars review they seem like nice people. And almost shy, except on stage.

Overall, I love their music. You’d seem a bit, what’s the word, eek about them at first. But they’re one of my favourite bands and I don’t regret finding out who they are. I go to the Download Festival yearly and I hope they play there soon.


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