Going to London + Spending all my money

This is going to be a really long post, I can tell. So yesterday I went to London and it was fun, I guess. We spent most of our money though, and the train rides to and from London were awkward and boring (2 hours and 10 minutes – it killed me).

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Artwork + Fairy Festival

Hey. On Sunday 14th, I went to the New Forest Fairy Festival. It’s basically a festival with mainly hippies, random children dressed as fairies, and adults trying to hard to look cool or sexy by wearing under-boob corsets while they have saggy boobs, so it doesn’t exactly look sexy or cool. I thought I looked cool – a black shirt with a skull skirt and Doc Martens – but the photos of me look horrid, so I won’t show them.

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Shooting Stars

Hi. Last night in England (where I live), there was a meteor shower. I’m not sure if there is in America, because I can’t be bothered to look into it, but there probably is.

I had to get up at midnight to go to the bathroom, as you do, when I saw a flash outside. Earlier my mum had told me that there was a meteor shower, and you’d probably see them just before sunrise.

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