So hey, it’s my birthday. As an extra-special, amazing gift from life, I have an ear infection from a cold that I just got over, and I’m on antibollocks for that (antibiotics). Its called amoxicillin and it looks like the classic pill that you’d take rather than just a chalky paracetamol. I got a few cool presents which I’m happy about.

So for my birthday, I got some Maltesers, a FVK YOU shirt (which is Fearless Vampire Killers merch), a book by FVK called Unbreakable Hearts (probably based on their album, Unbreakable Hearts), 2 FVK albums called Militia of the Lost and Exposition: The Five Before The Flames (I seem obsessed with FVK, which I am), a FVK poster with all of the sexy noodles (band members) on it, really super awesome mushroom lights by my sister (you can buy these on her shop. Click here to view her shop, it’ll open in a new tab), a guitar pick cutter, 2 bookmarks, a Kerrang magazine with FOB on the front, some chocolate, some pink lemonade, a bottle of Babycham, sweets, marshmallows, cards, and I got a phone about 2 weeks ago as an early present. I got about 11 happy birthdays, woo, and two badges ;3

My sisters card said “Happy escaping the womb day”. Ty, Kimmy Wimmy.

Also, we’re going rock climbing later, and then we’re going to the pub, so I’m hoping its good.  I’ve been rock climbing (it’s actually called ‘bouldering’ but eh who cares) before and it was quite fun even though I didn’t expect it to be. It has a cool cafe that looks over the climbing bits and its lit up by fairylights and it has bean bags and its so cool.

We’re gonna go to the pub in the evening for a b-day meal because we’re posh. Loljk we’re peasants. I’ll probably have gammon or something but idk, I’m looking forward to it though yaya.

Oh also, this morning my mum was in the bathroom and I decided to lay on her bed but she walked into the room with no underwear and shrieked but luckily I saw nothing so my eyes are safe. Kbye  bbys.


Okay, so I’ve edited this post and I’m back from the pub. I had a burger and onion rings. My birthday is a cheesecake and I decorated it. It’s simply artwork. IMG_20160726_204132390_HDR.jpg
That is my birthday cake, there ^ I hope it shows up bc if not then ew. It tasted really nice but we’ve only had 2 slices because we can’t eat a kilo of fattening cheesecake (about 350 calories per 12th of the cake!) after an entire dinner.

Anyways, byeeeee.


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