Some people may find this story gross but I just find it hilarious so read on if you dare.

So earlier today I was sat on the sofa with my mum. And she was telling me how I smelt bad and needed a shower. And my lovely sister walked into the room and said something along the lines of “I don’t know what I’ve eaten. I’ve just done a lava turd and it hurt.” and she made an explosion sound, pointing to her arse. Niiiiiceeee…

Lava turd meaning she obviously ate something really spicy and the spice burnt her arse or something. Idk.We were like “normal people miss out” and that’s why my blog is called normalpeoplemissout. Lmao.

But I couldn’t stop laughing and I actually choked on my own laughter and I probably would’ve suffocated if I didn’t try so hard to breathe. Breathing is so hard when you completely forget how because you’re in the middle of an uncontrollable laughing fit. Oh.

But yeah.. And then my mum and sister were like “Hey, why dont you create a blog as a summer project?!” and I was like “Oh God. I want to, but oh God.” xD


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