I’m about to get my hair cut, yaya. I want to have v. short hair but its shoulder-length at the moment. Which can be considered short but it feels long to me cx She’ll probably wash my hair so yey.

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So hellooo. Today I went shopping with my friend Ellen and it was fabulous. I bought chocolate, a Shakeaway, a Motionless In White album, a Minecraft poster (bc I’m childish), Black Butler II, and a Thor pop toy. It was fun.
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It’s my birthday.

So hey, it’s my birthday. As an extra-special, amazing gift from life, I have an ear infection from a cold that I just got over, and I’m on antibollocks for that (antibiotics). Its called amoxicillin and it looks like the classic pill that you’d take rather than just a chalky paracetamol. I got a few cool presents which I’m happy about.

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Fall Out Boy (Review)

Fall Out Boy – Review.

Fall Out Boy are a truly amazing band and I hope to see them again many more times. There are many words to describe FOB, and I know that ‘superior’ is definitely one. I have to say that I prefer their album Save Rock And Roll to their latest, American Beauty/American Psycho.

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